What Is a Landing Page?

A website landing page, to put it simply, is definitely an attractive, elegant, and clean page that immediately has got the attention of targeted traffic to your site.

When built innovatively, a website landing page can behave as the cornerstone of your successful online marketing websites campaign.

Why So Much Fuss About Them?

“Landing pages would be the new direct marketing, and everyone having a website is often a direct marketer.” -Seth Godin

The website page is a spot where conversions happen. Having an effective website landing page can turn your site into a money-making machine.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 68% of B2B businesses use those pages to obtain new leads for conversions down the road.

A business that creates $1000/day might be losing over $25K every year if the website page responds slowly, says web marketing guru, Neil Patel.

Here is undoubtedly an example that is certainly old at this point, but which still demonstrates the value of building a website page well. In the year 2010, President Obama could raise an extra $60 million JUST by A/B testing the page that had been created for a specific campaign.

Remember: you might have just a couple of seconds to create or break the sale.

So… provide it with all you’ve!

What makes a website page function as a converting machine? What include the best elements for being incorporated into your squeeze page so that perhaps the most reluctant visitor to your web site votes to your advantage?

To answer these questions, let’s take a short look at seven in the top elements you must consider when making your web page.

7 Ways to Captivate Users with Landing Pages

  1. Create Compelling Headlines

The headline within your page could be the first thing your visitors will discover and read. So, it’s wise to craft a killer headline which will impact them instantly.

Years ago, Basecamp switched up its standard software benefit/feature driven website page for a picture of the real customer.

Basecamp made the headline an insurance quote that summarized the key advantages that this customer’s company received.

The result was obviously a massive boost in the conversion rate by 102.5%.

Here a few pointers on creating killer headlines.

• Be useful

When writing your squeeze page headline, be sure you connect with the fears and wants of the visitors.

According to Kissmetrics, Carelogger boosted its conversion rate by 31% when its headline centered on the fear and wish of its market.

• Be Urgent

Encourage users some thing right now by offering a deadline or supplying some useful offers. This strategy may easily grow your reader base and compel them some thing.

• Command Attention

Your words should trigger emotion among your users. It’s always best if you pick up vivid adjectives for this specific purpose.

Some powerful words you may use are:

• Astonishing

• Never seen before

• High costs

• Power

  1. Use Videos to Tell Your Story

Landing pages with videos can in the conversion rate by almost 80%, in line with EyeView Digital. Also, recent statistics reveal that 95% of users support the messages in videos.

Videos provide passive engagement. With minimum effort, visitors can discover what exactly you want to convey.

Many marketers do not know what a heatmap is. So CrazyEgg hired the Demo Duck crew to indicate the reasons why small enterprises need more than Google Analytics to enhance their conversions.

Do you think that visitors will abandon this web site?


Some important pointers to notice while creating video on a website landing page are:

Use a tempting thumbnail to interact and convert your audience.

Put your video above the fold.

Keep your video meaty enough to become interesting for your customers.

Try to add a transcript from the video. Some people should watch the video, some may wish to read it, and a few would love the thought of doing both.

What’s the secrets?

According to Entrepreneur, somebody who is image will probably be worth a thousand words, an excellent video comes to 24k words per second.

People love videos. The Guardian even claims videos is definitely the future of content marketing.

Cisco states that videos will take into account roughly 79% of consumer traffic on the net by 2020.

  1. Create a 3D Effect Using Parallax Scrolling

With assistance from parallax scrolling, the history of your squeeze page moves at the reduced rate in comparison to the foreground.

This feature produces a 3D effect as visitors scroll on the next paragraphs.

What’s so excellent about the scrolling effect?

It enables you to tell your story on your website page. It allows your people to know more to do with your services or products.

When you utilize effective copy with parallax scrolling, the actual result will be considered a very persuasive and professional page.

  1. Trust Signals

The best landing pages make adequate by using trust signals.

Why would they use this tactic?

Trust signals indicate to visitors your brand and offers are credible. These signals usually takes a number of forms, for instance testimonials, endorsements from top customers, etc.

FiveStars does a fantastic job of providing trust indicators on its website landing page. The company showcases “proven results” and customer testimonials, in addition to some private information on website activity.

Another robust tool that provides a trust signal is trust badges. These are just logos of well-known companies with whom you’ve worked in past times.

When utilizing trust signals, always add some following:

• Customer testimonials

• Third-party seals

• Trust badges

• Privacy policy

  1. Use Gifs to Demonstrate Your Products

Demonstrating just how your product works is important.

Gifs explain how your products can be used inside a faster plus much more persuasive way in comparison to videos.

Marketers are actually realizing value of Gifs. They have get to be the go-to feature for companies seeking better engagement on social media marketing.

With Facebook allowing brands to publish Gifs and Twitter rolling out your auto-play videos also, they definitely deserve the place on your web page.

Gifs include the best substitutes for videos on landing pages.

In fact, they can be much more cost-effective as compared to videos on the subject of demonstrating an email finder service or product visually.

Gifs may also be gaining popularity, especially in this year’s mobile marketing trends, so that you should keep track of them.

PineGrow utilizes a Gif on its web page to explain how users can build responsible websites faster.

  1. Give Out Offers

An offer is something you give in your visitors in return for getting the crooks to do what you need.

Offers range from discounts, coupons, a free of charge version of your respective product, a free of charge trial, a matching gift, or perhaps a whitepaper.

There are some strategies you may use.

A website that pays bills can provide users $10 for your maiden bill they pay. Users will have to sign up for your service and link their accounts into it.

A consulting firm might offer a totally free consultation of an hour, which may very well be a meeting to spell it out how the agency will help people.

Industrial Strength Marketing gives prospective clients a free of charge guide to building mobile-friendly websites.

  1. Put the Headline and Form into Two Columns

By breaking within the screen into two columns, you’ll be able to show multiple page elements with the equal amount of prominence.

Do you think how the form on your web page deserves the identical attention because your headline or sub-headline? Can they employ a cumulative impact in your visitors?

Even though there isn’t a exact formula to an ideal website landing page, there a few common rules in the thumb to further improve your chances of making one which stands out.